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Edward Thomas Author

Economic and Business cycle expert and Author of What's Next for the Economy and The Next Great President, the first two books in a "cycles" trilogy about history, politics, and economic cycles.


My first book, What’s Next for the Economy: Using the Power of Cycles to Predict “What’s Next” for Inflation, the Stock Market, Real Estate, and Business, is a book about economic cycles and how they can be used to project current economic conditions forward to understand what to expect in the future.

My second book, The Next Great President, is a biographical review of presidents Washington, Lincoln and FDR; then, in light of an 80-year cycle of secular crisis in US history, provides analysis of current events and rationale why our next great president will be elected in 2020, 2024 or 2028


These two books are part of a trilogy of books I plan to write about the intersection of history, technology, and current events.  I hope that what I have written, and the books I write in the future, provide wisdom, perspective, and a modicum of humor to everyone who reads them.

It is my sincere wish that these books provide useful information to those who invest their time and money in reading my “cycles” trilogy.


Thank you,

Edward Thomas
Author of What's Next for the Economy and The Next Great President

ACCE Publishing LLC

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